Graduates about us

Marek MigalskiMarek Migalski:

Why study at WNS?
Because if you do not want to be bored for five years and you do not intend to spend them scrupulously preparing for a "rat race" that will wait you in a few years, then you can take advantage of our offer. Offers covering a dozen or so fields of studies. There is something to choose from. If you are really interested in the world and its wonderful secrets, then you will find our lecturers who share your passions. You just have to find them. Do not waste time. See you at the Faculty.
Marek Migalski
Member of the European Parliament,
Lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences
adam stromidło Adam Stromidło:

I think most of the time recalls study time as one of the most beautiful periods in life. I am convinced that such sentiments are certainly accompanied by my colleagues who in the nineties studied the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Silesia in Katowice. I had the honor of being in an elite group of sociologists - I would remind you that the number of students of all years together with staff did not exceed 200 people. Intimate atmosphere influenced the group's cementing and friendship. Qualified, experienced lecturers, on the other hand, not only provided us with knowledge, but also prepared themselves for many social roles. My qualifications helped me build my career as well as my social life. I ran my own business, I worked in a local government, and now I have managed many NGOs for many years, carrying out many interesting projects.

Adam Stromidlo
Chairman of the Main Council of the Polish Association of the Deaf in Warsaw
And the President of the Board of the Malopolska Branch PZG in Cracow
Aleksandra SobczykAleksandra Sobczyk:

I liked the practical dimension of these studies, the important issues raised in class and the questions that fell through them, translated into my approach to myself, people, the world and my life. Thanks to that I and my whole life has changed a lot. I do what I love and I am constantly developing. The coaching skills I use every day, not only in professional situations. Also, during my studies, I met some outstanding people I can always count on. Very, very much I enjoyed myself as a person thanks to these studies and I sincerely recommend it!

Aleksandra Sobczyk,
Coach of Relationships,
Business Coach in Academic Business Incubators
Maciej Klimek2Maciej Klimek:

Social work - magical words that can take us away from stereotypical thinking! It covers all types of legal, economic, psychological and pedagogical counseling, as well as helping to deal with difficult life-situations. Social workers, as professionals implementing the tasks mentioned in the law, are therefore the core staff of the social welfare institution, although they may also be employed in increasing numbers of emerging NGOs, associations and all those whose statutory responsibility is to help those in need. Social Work studies are based on a program that combines several areas. These include: sociology, family science, special education, general pedagogy, or psychology. Of course, this list does not cover all the areas of expertise that a social worker uses. Studies in this field are practical. Their task is to prepare the graduate for the application of the various disciplines of the humanities and social sciences for purposes of broadly understood social assistance.

Maciej Klimek
Graduate of social work,
Specialist in obtaining external funds and supporting non-governmental organizations within the Territorial Self-Government Unit
Agata KłyszewskaAgata Kłyszewska:

Science in Social Work guarantees a good, competitive job market that is increasing the chance of gaining employment later. Experienced and extremely devoted to students team provide a wide range of knowledge, as well as shaping the attitudes of the broadly understood social workers.
Already during my studies I took up a job at the Municipal Social Aid Center in Katowice, where I had the chance to confront the knowledge gained with the realities of life, and in my particular case I was able to combine the profession, work with passion and the need to help weaker people in need.
Kaja DelewskaKaja Delewska:

I can proudly say that I am a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Silesia in Katowice! Studies have given me incredible opportunities and have shown many development options.
I am glad that I chose this option because I met some very special people, learned many interesting and useful things, learned a lot of knowledge and saw what I could do in the future.
Studies give conceptual apparatus, compel to communicate with various texts and tools. They provide the ability to evaluate content, public presence, collaborate with people, deal with problems, organize their work, conduct research and seek information.
I am currently madly in love with the triathlon, and interestingly and here in the world of sport you can find your tutors who seemed to be calm and sedate people.
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