Institute of History

For more than 40 years, we have been the main research institute in the historian education sector. We specialize in research on the historical and cultural heritage of Poland and Central Europe, the history of Upper Silesia, national and ethnic minorities, 20th century history, the history of Poland's neighboring relations, and the socio-political history of the Polish People's Republic. Our staff is helping and working with students to deepen their knowledge of the past and present of Poland and the world. Students will improve their skills in analyzing and interpreting phenomena and proper reception and active participation in the creation of cultural heritage. Outstanding lecturers - most of whom can boast the academic degrees of independent study workers - are encouraging students with their direct approach to deepening individual interests. Exceptional involvement of our staff in the organizational affairs of the faculty is also unique - over the years, in the Faculty of Social Sciences deanery (formerly the Faculty of Humanities), there were: H. Zieliński, J. Szydłowski, M.W. Wanatowicz, Zbigniew Kiereś, R. Kaczmarek, W. Kaczanowicz and K. Miroszewski. We conduct MA studies in history and undergraduate programs in historical tourism, counseling and historical information. The exception is the international Central European historical studies - two semesters conducted in collaboration with the Department of History of Universities in Banská Bystrica and Ostrava.
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Director of the Institute of History:
Prof. Dr hab. Jerzy Sperka
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Secretariat of the Institute of History
Tel. 0 32 359 13 14, 0 32 359 21 28
Departments at the Institute of History:

Department of Ancient History;
Department of Medieval History;
Department of Modern History, 16th-18th centuries;
Department of Modern History of the nineteenth century;
Department of History of the Most Recent 1918 - 1945;
Department of the History of the Newest after 1945;
Department of Methodology, Didactics and Auxiliary Sciences;
Department of Archival and History of Silesia.
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