Program - Business Councils

On March 1 2016 the functioning of the Program and Business Councils of the organizational units of the Faculty of Social Sciences was inaugurated:

Program-Business Council of the Institute of Political Science and Journalism,
Program-Business Council of the Institute of Philosophy,
Program-Business Council of the Institute of Sociology (for sociology)
Program Council of the Institute of Sociology (for the direction of social work),
The Stakeholders Council of the Institute of History,
Program-Business Council of the Department of Art History.

The appointment of the Council is a response to the growing demand for cooperation between the University and the socio-economic environment in the education process and its adaptation to the needs of the labor market. Among the tasks of the appointed councils are among others:
Exchange of information and observations between Faculty and Council members mainly in terms of preparation of students and PhD students in terms of skills and knowledge acquired during the study of skills and knowledge to the realities of the labor market and expectations of employers and consequently appropriate adaptation / modification of training programs eg by launching objects. Organizing study visits to partner companies and institutions in order to know the scope of tasks of the team and the functioning of the company;
Reviewing the educational offer and study programs;
Recommending themes for diploma theses for students of the University;
Participation of employers' representatives in optional or compulsory didactic classes in a grid of hours.
Among the confirmed guests are representatives of entrepreneurs, regional and local authorities, the media, non-governmental associations, art institutions, museums and the education sector.
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