International Center of Social Progress

The core purpose of the Center's existence is to create a space for meetings, dialogue and exchange of research results and for factors affecting the quality of life of the population. We are interested in what arises at the junction of science, the economy, in the area of mass communication. What is the impact of technology and contemporary forms of communication on social life? We want to diagnose threats, seek solutions, identify which factors need to be strengthened in local, regional, national, community, European and global strategic development programs. We think that humanistic reflection should support and complement technological and economic thought.
Initiative of the Center is supported by the authorities of the University of Silesia and representatives of European academic centers. We hope to be interesting also for local authorities of the Silesian voivodship and representatives of our region.

Quality of life and public health
1) health problems of youth and the elderly
2) public health as a dimension of quality of life (prosperity)
3) social trends integral phenomena (phenomena) salutogenesis and environmental and social factors
4) public health of Upper Silesia / health and politics / health for everyone?
5) philosophical and cultural aspects of the role and importance of public health in Upper Silesia (current public health concept)
6) Ethical and axiological premises of public health in the perspective of Upper Silesia
7) learning about man and reality (realization) of public health
8) public health in the light of religious elements (medicine and philosophy (& theology?))
9) optimizing the relationship between the social status of quality of life and public health
Co-organizers: Silesian Medical Chamber, Silesian Medical University
Smart city and the quality of life of the locals
1) quality of life as a topic and political challenge (democracy, human rights and quality of life)
2) cooperation between politics and science as a foundation and a condition for the development of quality of life
3) analysis of the notion of quality of life in the light of empirical diagnoses of Upper Silesia (state of the art)
4) quality of life and work
5) economic dimension of quality of life in Upper Silesia
6) social awareness of the quality of life in Upper Silesia
7) quality of life and religious influence
8) Academics of the city (influence of intelligence on the development of quality of life)
9) refugees (integration and sense of security)
10) creating civil society in local conditions
11) generational diversification and the problem of demographic decline
12) prospects for the development strategy of quality of life in Upper Silesia
Committee for the Study of the Future of Upper Silesia (Komisja PAN, Oddział Katowice), Katowice City Hall, Metropolitan Union of Silesia, Sejmik Województwa Śląskiego
Art in public life - design as a tool for building quality of life
1) art - public life - upper glitter (specificity)
2) art in the consciousness of civil society in Upper Silesia
3) art and happiness
4) culture & multiculturalism & art and quality of life
5) art and integration
6) value of art as a tool for the design of quality of life
7) art and public health
8) art and sustainable development of quality of life
9) responsibility for the development of quality of life
Co-organizer: Academy of Fine Arts Katowice
Media as a tool for shaping the quality of life
1) the concept of the quality of life of modern media
2) quality of life communication and new media
3) media - quality of life - privacy
4) legal aspects of the relationship between media and life-shaping models
5) media in education
6) media in everyday life
7) The political and cultural role of the media
8) Ethical perspectives (dimensions) of the determinants of the quality of life of the media
Co-organizers: Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of University of Silesia, Radio and Television Department of University of Silesia.

Expert assistance within the framework of implemented research and practical projects, eg. responsible design, participation in the development of urban and provincial projects to improve the quality of life of Upper Silesia residents, including smart city projects, good media communication and health prevention.
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