Integrated Anti-Corruption Protection System

The Integrated Anti-Corruption System is a form of personalized anti-corruption protection tool designed for companies, administrations, local government units and other institutions exposed to corruption. Through multi-site diagnosis, critical areas are identified that require intervention in the prevention of corruption. Diagnostic work is usually undertaken in five modules, which are the basic forms of corruption, regulated by law - clerical sales, bribery, paid protection, trafficking, overrun or failure. It also covers the range of behaviors that constitute the so- Non-punitive forms of corruption, however, their consequences are important for building a culture of work based on the principles of transparency, honesty and integrity. It is about behavior commonly regarded as reprehensible, but they are not formally in conflict with the law, in violation of moral and ethical norms, such as nepotism, cronyism or conflict of interest. On the basis of the above diagnosis, a team of experts formulates specific demands, procedures (or possible changes to them) and designs detailed anti-corruption dams in the analyzed institution. As part of our actions we guarantee cooperation based on trust, anonymity and full reliability in terms of diagnosis and implementation of the solutions developed.
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